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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ode to Idli

With the world at his feet
Never seeing defeat
Alexander was still
Hungry for his fill

For his heartfelt desire
Was the everlasting fire
From the land that that day
Beyond the Indus lay.

'Twas an age-long fight
'Twixt the dark and the light
Then the two joined hands
Devas and Asuras of all lands:

"For the rope a serpent,
Mount on turtle suspend,
Let us all churn the sea:
relish immortality."

It was an apple they say
That made Newton's day
But the reason instead
Was the breakfast he'd had.

For the world that we know
Has been created just so
By the hidden energy
That is Mary's Idli.

जिसने मेरी के हाथ की इड्ली नहीं खायी उसका जीवन ही अधूरा है।

New Delhi
November 2011

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